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Meeting with the Piedmont region

Working meeting between our two representatives in Brussels and the Piedmont Region on 14th March 2022


On 14 March 2022 our two representatives in Brussels, Eriselda Canaj and Luca Contrino, met with the representatives of the Piedmont Region, member of the AREFLH.

The meeting took place in the premises of the Piedmontese representation in Brussels.

The region was represented by Matteo Brumati, its agriculture, environment and quality officer in Brussels; Nuria Antonia Mignone and Gianfranco Latino also attended the meeting by videoconference from Turin. The Piedmont region presented its current situation: the deadlines for the implementation of the national strategic plans, the involvement of the region in the activities of the European hazelnut network Group Corylus Europa, and the representation of the region in the thematic working groups of the AREFLH.


The region reaffirmed with enthusiasm its involvement in the AREFLH network, and its participation in our future activities.

This meeting was an opportunity to establish contacts with the representatives of our member regions in Brussels. Our wish is to develop these exchanges with all the representations in Brussels and to ensure that we listen to our members and their priorities.


In 2018 the main fruit and vegetable productions in the region were: nectarines, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, peaches, pears, plums, hazelnuts and courgettes.

More information on agriculture in the Piedmont region:


Piedmont in Italy

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