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2019 Membership yearbookyearbook

Read the yearbok, it contains the key figures of AREFLH and production details of all our members.




White Paper of the F&Vegetable CMO

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Sept 2017

Based on an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the sector, this document highlights the positive impact of the CMO since its creation in 1997.

This report was also an occasion for AREFLH producer organisations to share their experience in the implementation of operational programmes.

Read the White Paper: françaisEnglishitalianoespañol

You can order copies of this 60-pages document, contact AREFLH on +33 (0)5 56 48 88 48


Chestnut White Paper

Sept 2017

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The purpose of this document is to help stopping the decline of the European chestnut production, to meet the needs of the european market, and to preserve the economic, social and environmental balance of the production areas.

This 2017 report includes information on global, European production, economic elements and insights, and lastly, actions to be taken to stimulate the sector. It is only available in French

Download the  Livre Blanc de la Châtaigne 2017


couv rapport parlemt 2015

Towards new rules for the European fruit and vegetable sector, in-depth analysis in southern European countries

January 2015

AREFLH was invited by the European Parliament to present the situation of the F&V sector for South-Europe countries.
On 22nd January 2015, the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee has held a workshop on the CMO reform for the fruit and vegetables sector. The workshop was clearly intended as sector input for the Members of the European Parliament (MEPs).

This study provides an analysis of the fruit and vegetable sector in the southern countries of Europe, as well as ways to improve the European regime applicable to the sector. 

 The document is only available in French


Fruit and Vegetable Recipes from AREFLH member regions

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AREFLH published a free digital cook book which brings together delicious recipes with the emblematic fruit and vegetables of its member Regions.

It is a culinary tour which passes through the Belgium, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal.

Download pdf (8 MB) in FrenchItalian or Spanish

You can also go through the flickable version in FrenchItalian or Spanish



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