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The 2023 International Pear Congress will take place in Lleida, Catalonia region (Spain), on 28 and 29 June

Every year, Interpera brings together the international pear sector to move forward on the current issues of the sector. 

The 2023 edition will be hosted by the Afrucat association 

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Summary of the conference program for June 29, 2023

Pear harvest forecast 2023.

  • Revisions to the EU pear harvest in 2023 by country.
  • Round table with participants from Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and France.

Evolution of the pear market : Trade report 2022-23 and market situation for 2023-24.

Global climate change : what is happening on the planet? Why is the climate changing?

Presentation of 3 Climate Change Adaptation Projects :

  • Belgium “Q-Pear: high quality pear in a changing climate
  • France "Means of improving the environmental behaviour of the pear throughout its circuit in the supply chain."
  • Spain “New pear varieties adapted to climate change”
And also technical visits on June 28 (4-6 p.m.) and June 29 (4-6 p.m.)


Read the full programme : in English - in Catalan and Spanish - Register here

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Image above : Interpera 2022 in Rotterdam ©Rolf van Koppen Fotografie


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