Assembly of European Horticultural Regions

EU projects


At the moment AREFLH is a partner in the following projects

  • SmartProtect : thematic network focusing on cross-regional knowledge sharing of SMART IPM solutions for farmers and advisors.
  • Low in Food : co-designing low-waste value chains by supporting the demonstration of a portfolio of innovations in the fruits & vegetables, bakery products and fish value chains.
  • Novasoil : Innovative Business models for soil health
  • Waste4Soil : on developping technological and methodological solutions for recycling food processing residues from the food industry into local, bio-based circular soil improvers



 “CO2-Land” is a newly established carbon farming initiative in south-western Germany

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The SMAPPLAB Smart Trap Solution is a decision support for effective plant protection.

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The LowinFood methodology has conducted a series of webinars with the aim of exchanging experiences in data collection.

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Read on the financial sector creating a carbon market for farmers and business though the “Rabo Carbon Bank” 

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