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The European Chestnut Days (Eurocastanea) 2022 were organised in Italy at the beginning of September,


The annual event took place from September 12 to 14 2022, in Montella, which is located 80km from Naples, in the Campania region.

Some personalities from the political and agricultural world were present, such as the Italian Minister of Agriculture Stefano Patuanelli, the European deputy Paolo De Castro, Pascuale Di Rubbo from the European Commission, and a representative of the FAO.

The various sessions of the congress were dedicated to "production forecasts in Europe", "industry and mass distribution: market overview", "chestnut groves: an opportunity for carbon sequestration, and environmental protection of the landscape".

The theme of processing was also discussed "between traditional products and innovative products", as well as the theme of certification: "Is it the future of the chestnut grove? ".

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Simona Caselli, president of AREFLH participated in the session on "resilience and sustainability in the chestnut sector" and presented the European Farm to Fork strategy.

As every year, the participants of the European Chestnut Days were updated on chestnut production in Europe and around the world, on issues related to resilience and the fight against climate change, but also on imports and exports, market trends, and consumption.


The co-organizers of the event:

Distretto Castagne e Marroni della Campania, the Interprofessional Chestnut Union of South-West France-SNPC, the Frenchl Union of Chestnut Producers, Interco Aquitaine, AREFLH, Refcast, Red Estatal del Castaño, ARGE Zukunft Edelkastanie, the Center d' study and documentation on the chestnut, the Centro Regionale di Castanicoltura del Piemonte.



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