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NOVASOIL case study in Bulgaria

Know more about integrated production in Bulgarian vineyards and vinery tourism

AREFLH is a partner of the NOVASOIL project (Innovative Business models for soil health). Its general objective is to highlight the benefits of investments in soil health for society and the environment.


Within the framework of the project we have selected the case study “Integrated production in the vineyards with vinery rural tourism”.  

The aim of the case study in the Plovidiv region (Bulgaria) is to value the potential of local and reginal traditional products in the wine sector and to strengthen their relationship with communities in order to develop the local economy and agricultural sector.  


The Plovidiv region manages the vinicultural potential and exercises control over the rights to plant, replant and eradicate vines. The effective functioning of the system of recent years is leading to the improvement and stabilization of the sector as a whole, increasing the quality and competitiveness of Bulgarian wines on both domestic and foreign markets.  


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The case study focuses on exploring the experience of the project by studying different interventions to reduce soil erosion and increase productivity. It will be based on landscape alliance and cooperation with other local tourisms to achieve added value to agronomic management. 

Thanks to certification and production standards, local and the regional traditional products provide additional opportunities to touch the culture and traditions of local economies and communities. As a result, new business models can be defined to manage soil health and add value to the wine supply chain.  


Potential inhibitors:  
  • Economic cris 
  • Climate change 
  • Competition from cheaper products from other countries 


Potential enablers:  
  • Social awareness (interest in high quality and health products 
  • Existing supply chain network and policy programmes/measures 


For more information read the full article on the  Novasoil website 


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n°101091268


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