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NOVASOIL : integrated production case study

AREFLH is a partner of the NOVASOIL project (Innovative Business models for soil health). Its general objective is to highlight the benefits of investments in soil health for society and the environment.


This month we present the case study of an integrated production olive grove. Novasoil considered its as one of the best examples of a reliable and profitable business model that promotes soil health.

In Andalucia, olive growing is one of the crops with the greatest growth since integrated production was implemented in the region, in 2005. The groves, both for table olives and olive oil is being grown in a sustainable manner from an environmental and economic point of view. 

The regional administration provides information on the use and application of different modifications based on expert knowledge and pest risk forecasts. The objective is to obtain a product with a high environmental and social quality through the the integrated production brand.


Different crop managements have different impacts on soil organic carbon and other physical-chemical characteristics related to other ecosystems services.

NOVASOIL will analyze the feasibility, specific characteristics and monitoring system to replicate theses crop managements in other territories or other crops of a linked integrated production system. To achieve this basis,a community of stakeholders is being developped, it includes key players in the sector and in the market.




Potential inhibitors:

  • Economic crisis
  • Climate change
  • Competition with products for other countries with a lower cost


Potential enablers:

  • Social awareness (interested in high quality and healthy product)
  • Existing farmer network and policies


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n°101091268


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