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Deep roots, new horizons: pioneering sustainable farming with NOVASOIL


NOVASOIL is at the forefront of agriculture innovation. By delving deep into the essence of soil health, the project has embarked on a transformative journey to redefine what it means to farm sustainability. Here’s an in depth look at its mission, itsmilestones and the hopeful future that is being cultivated.   


Embarking on a sustainable Quest

Novasoil'squest began with a commitment to put soil health at the heart of the agriculture discourse. Recognizing soil as a key player in our ecosystem, the project engaged in extensive research and dialogue across Europe, from the rush of the vineyards of Bulgaria to the innovative farmers of Netherlands. The goal of NOVASOIL: to unlock and harness the untapped potential of healthy soil for sustainable future.


Spotlight on innovative: Activities that are reshaping agriculture

  • Revitalizing Bulgaria’s wineries: By adopting sustainable soil practices, Bulgarian wineries have become models of how tradition and innovation can be combined to create a sustainable viticulture model. The NOVASOIL has identified ways to improve soil fertility, leading to a vibrant wine culture that honors the earth.


  • Denmark’s leap into carbon farming: An outstanding initiative that is demonstrating the power of carbon farming to combat climate change: Through the project, Danish farmers are not only reducing carbon emissions, but also pioneering a model of soil health centered agriculture that benefits biodiversity and water system alike.


  • The Eco-Scheme movement in the Netherlands: The Dutch agricultural landscape is being transformed by eco-schemes that prioritises soil health. These schemes represent a new era of collaboration between the agricultural sector and policy makers, and underline the project’s commitment to sustainable innovation.


Novasoil role in building a sustainable future

As we reflect on the progress and lessons learned from the NOVASOIL project, it’s clear that the journey towards sustainable agriculture is both collective and ongoing. NOVASOIL would like to join this vital mission – whether as an advocate for soil health, a practitioner of sustainable agriculture, or a supporter of environmentally friendly agricultural products.

Together, the consortium and its stakeholder can help nurture the soil that sustains us and ensure a fertile, healthy planet for future generations. 


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This project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n°101091268


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