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Lowinfood – In-depth analysis of food waste components

Learn about a food waste related initiave of the the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

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LOWINFOOD project focuses on “Multi-actor design of low-waste food value chains through the demonstration of innovative solutions to reduce food loss and waste”. LOWINFOOD supports the reduction of food loss and waste in the European Union by demonstrating innovative solutions following a multi-actor approach that involves actors along the entire value chain. 


In the framework of the project the partner from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Runa Halvarsson (a bachelor’s student) has conducted a food waste composition analysis for her thesis project. For eight days she has separated the food waste components to the degree possible in 2 school kitchens in the Municipality od Uppsala*, Sweden.

The aim is to find out the proportions and amounts of the waste food components.


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* one of these kitchens participated  in LOWINFOOD innovations in 2022 including the food waste tracker and te educational meals concept.  


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drapeau ue seulThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No.101000439

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