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Lowinfood and the Innovation Radar platform

The Lowinfood project has been included in the EU's Innovation Radar platform

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AREFLH is a partner of the LOWINFOOD. The project gathers actors of the food chain who design together low-waste value chains by supporting innovations in the fruits & vegetables, bakery products and fish sector. 

LOWINFOOD supports the reduction of food loss and waste in the European Union by demonstrating innovative solutions following a multi-actor approach.  


The project has an activity called “Supplier/retailer agreements for avoiding waste of bakery products” and this activity has has been highlighted by the European Commission to be part of the Innovation Radar.  


The Innovation Radar platform builds on the information and data gathered by independent experts involved in reviewing ongoing research and innovation projects funded by European Commission. These experts also provide an independent view regarding the innovations in the projects and their market potential.  

Its aim is to make information about EU-funded innovations from high-quality projects visible and accessible to the public. The initiative has the support of EU Members States and, to date, Ministers from 23 countries have signed the Innovation Radar declaration confirming their support for this initiative.  


LOWINFOOD’s inclusion in this initiative could open up new opportunities to partners with business or academic organisations and trigger interest from potential customers or investors in its innovations. Above all, will demonstrate to a global audience the innovative work the project is active in delivering.  


For more information at Innovation Radar 


For more information about the project, please visit the following media :


drapeau ue seulThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No.101000439

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