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SmartProtect : DJI Drone Agras series | application techniques

SmartProtect is an EU project on SMART agriculture for innovative vegetable crop PROTECTion.

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Its mission?  Harnessing advanced methodologies and technologies. 


Nowadays more and more farmers turn to drone technology as it takes agricultural innovation to the next level thanks to highly efficient, reliable and intelligent tools.  

This is why SmartProtect project has chosen the DJI Drone Agras series to feature within its platform. 

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The drone was designed from the ground up. Its assesses include : 

  • six rotors,  
  • an RTK dual redundancy system and an avionic resin sea system 
  • a payload of up to 16 liters  
  • a spray rate of up to four point eight liters per minute  
  • Its eight sprinklers work perfectly with the downward airflow resulting in an impressive spraying effect  
  • it has a spray with of 6.5 meters which can cover an area of 10 hectares per hour.  
  • the spreading system is also equipped with an all-new electromagnetic flow meter, offering greater accuracy and stability than ordinary flow meters. 


The multi aircraft control mode functions with the FPV camera as well as an HD video transmission system with a range of up to 3 kilometers ensuring flight safety and boosting spraying efficiency thanks to the all-new modular design of the 16 both spray tank and batteries are easily swappable which significative improves operational.  

It uses radar to fly at the set height above the crop and adjusts its flow rate based on speed.  


Farm scale type: Big scale 

 Application ranges: Bacteria, Fungi, Insects, Mites, Nematodes, Viruses 

  Cops Used:  Corn, Fruit from trees, Potato 


Read more on this technology on the SmartProtect Platform 


Know more about SmartProtect


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 862563.


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