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CONSOLE case study : forest conversion from coniferous to deciduous stands

Environmental restoration of a private forest in Bavaria undertaken as an eco-account offsetting scheme


The CONSOLE project, focuses on "CONtract SOLutions for Effective and lasting delivery of agri- environmental-climate public goods by EU agriculture and forestry".


The environmental restoration of a private forest in Kralling, Bavaria is being undertaken as an eco-account offsetting scheme under the German Impact Mitigation Regulation. A hundred hectares of forest are currently ecologically being upgraded while maintaining the subsurface for industrial use. An enhancement of forest aisles complements this measure.


The main focus of this initiative is to increase the percentage of deciduous trees through reforestation, forest restructuring and targeted promotion of native trees in view of enhanced species and habitat protection. Ecological forest conversion takes place in a damaged coniferous forest of 252 hectares in the municipality of Krailling in Bavaria. A mainly subterranean industrial use is combined with the creation, upgrading and enlargement of important habitats for wild plants and animals. Thanks to the recognition of the enhancement activities on approximately 100 hectares as a private eco account scheme, the forest conversion is eligible as an anticipated offsetting measure. An entry into the land register at the moment when developers make use of the already implemented eco-accounts measures to offset impacts arising from their projects secures the long-term preservation of the forest. The creation of an oak and hornbeam forest associated with wild fruit is complemented by the creation of the forest aisles and nutrient-poor grassland in-between the forest pieces. 


Objectives of this case studies:

The main objective is an increase of biodiversity protection in the long run through:

  • the development of a private eco-account in southern Germany 

  • long-term preservation of a mosaic of forest pieces and nutrient-poor forest aisles

  • compatibility of industrial use and high ecological value in one single area


Problem description:

The hurricane “Niklas” caused severe damage in the forest on the 31st march 2015. Bark beetles damaged the coniferous trees further. This was taken as an opportunity to schedule a large-scale forest conversion. No public funds are available as the forest is declared a special area due to the industrial use with tank storage facilities in the underground. The idea to create an eco-account was born to enable the forest conversion in direction of the natural forest cover.

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