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SmartProtect : l'aide à la décision par le drone

Découvrez toutes les possibilité du drone eBee AG pour l'agriculture.

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AREFLH is a partner of the SmartProtect* EU project :  SMART agriculture for innovative vegetable crop PROTECTion: harnessing advanced methodologies and technologies


eBee AG is a new drone for agriculture that fits into the daily routine. it is easy and safe. It gives information, precision and is fully compatible with the farm management system.

Indeed, agriculture professionals face many challenges that are not easy to overcome. But the drone eBee AG can help them to save time in the field and to make confident decisions regarding crop planning and crop health.  

The drone is aimed at agriculture professionals, producers, agronomists, and service providers.  

The eBee Ag with its fixed Duet M multispectral/RGB camera, automated flight and vast coverage can deliver accurate and timely plant-health insights for making better decisions to improve crop yields, save on inputs, allocate resources and achieve greater profit potential. The multispectral sensor achieves higher data accuracy than using a modified NIR sensor. 


Function & targets: mapping & monitoring for plant health  

Farm scale type: big scale & small scale 

Application ranges: others  

Crops : for all type of crops  


Read more on this technology on the SmartProtect Platform  


Know more about SmartProtect


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 862563.


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