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EUROCASTA, European chestnut network

logo eurocasta 2018 courtThis year, EUROCASTA, the congress of EUROPEAN chestnut producers is organised within the second sectoral meeting on the Bioeconomy, in Extremadura, on 13 and 15 September 2018 in Plasencia, Spain.

In order to raise awareness of the importance of the survival of the chestnut at European level, the objective of this  two-days gathering is the collaboration of the producing regions, the defense of the sector and the implementation of joint strategie,  for the transfer of knowledge and works.

Eurocasta 2018 will highlight the following points:

  • Presentation of the chestnut sector, to farmers and companies, the reality of the sector at the level of production, trade and processing.
  • New cultivation techniques as models to follow and to implement
  • Cooperative Model Exposure as an example of success in shifting the value chain to the primary sector.
  • Showing the daily work of the Valle del Jerte Cooperative Association's packaging plant, an organization that offers quality, safe and environmentally friendly products.
  • Showing the latest advances in chestnut cultivation north of Cáceres.
  • Developing collaboration between producing regions.

The EUROCASTA meetings take place every  year in a different producing country and have been co-organised by AREFLH since 2010.

Visit the website in your chosen language (English not available) :

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