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Fertilization & Irrigation - previous activities

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Past activities


  • 12-14 Sept 2023: 5th annual WG meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  Read more about the meeting
  • December 2022: Updating the member’s data base and info specification of member's expertise
  • 13-15 Sept 2022. Annual WG meeting in Ghent, Belgium
  • 17 05 2021. Annual meeting, virtual
  • 9-11 Sept 2019. Annual meeting in Pisa, Italy
  • 13-14 Sept 2018. Working group workshop in Bleiswijk, The Netherlands.
  • 9-11 May 2017: Working group research workshop in Almeria, Spain.
  • February 2017: Survey of members' interests conducted by Antje Fiebig
  • December 2016: On-line database of member's interests operational. The on-line database in Google Forms was established by Angelo Signore.
  • 25-26 October 2016: First meeting of working group as part of the general EUVRIN meeting in Brussels. Management committee and core group established. Coordinator selected. Discussion on common research lines and how to most effectively work together.
  • July 2016: Active participation in the document "Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda for the Fruit and Vegetable sector, V2016" that was submitted to the European Commission to provide informed opinion on research topics for future EU research project calls. Four suggested research topics, relevant to this WG, were included on N management, irrigation management, fertigation management, and the adoption of precision agriculture technologies.
  • June 2016: WG member encourage to lobby regarding the SC2 Gap Analysis document that was being circulated with suggestions for future H2020research topics.
  • April 2016: The WG established a group in the MeWe social network program. Current membership (February 2017) is 70.
  • March 2016: Initial database of members' interests in Excel operational.
  • 1 February 2016: Foundation meeting of EUVRIN. Working group on fertilisation and irrigation established. Working session of interested people established the general research lines of common interest. Animator selected.
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