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ICOP 2021, strategic plans presentation

Luca Contrino from AREFLH spoke at the Congress of Producers' Organizations ( ICOP) about national strategic plans


Luca Contrino, AREFLH's European officer, spoke at the Congress of Producers' Organisations, ICOP, on 24 and 25 November, organised by the GFA.

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the Congress took place in a hybrid format, with some of the speakers present in Weiz, Austria, and the rest of the participants online.

The Congress brought together representatives from all levels of the fruit and vegetable value chain, as well as representatives of interest groups, the European Commission, and the Austrian Federal Ministry.

The presentations on 24 November dealt with increasing the consumption of F&V with added value for the consumer, the retailer and the producer.

On 25 November, the various topics were as follows :

  • Common Market Organisation (CMO) and agricultural policy
  • Market, trends, innovation and internationality
  • Producer organisations in practice - thinking outside the box


Luca Contrino spoke on the second day, his presentation compared the progress of the National Strategic Plans of France, Spain and Italy, and the planned interventions in the fruit and vegetable sector. Read the presentation here.


Several AREFLH members, who also brought their experience and knowledge to the ICOP Congress by speaking on the following topics

  • Luc Vanoirbeek of VBT: CAP 2023 for the fruit and vegetable sector - challenges, opportunities and focus (25 November).
  • Willem Rodenburg from DPA: The nature of the sectoral interventions in the fruit and vegetable sector of the Dutch National Strategic Plan (25 November).
  • Gonçalo Andrade from Portugal Fresh: "The agri-food chain is the engine of the EU economy. (24 November) as well as moderating the question and answer sessions for each thematic group.
  • Wolfgang Braunstein from GFA: "(R)evolution 5.0 - strategic challenges in transition" (25 November). As the GFA was the organiser of the event, Mr Braunstein was the moderator of the conference.

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