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August 2012 : Producer Organization’s programme up by 13% in Murcia

ES : El programa de organización de productores para aumenta del 13% en Murcia

August 2012 : Research, projects to improve quality of tomato

ES : Investigación: proyectos para mejorar la calidad del tomate

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Murcia, one of the leadingeuropean regions in the production of frut and vegetable

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2009 : Murcia reduces the use of crop protection products

The "Murcia Clean Agriculture Programme" is applied on more than 20.000 hectares

The "Murcia Clean Agriculture Programme" has managed to reduce the use of crop protection products on more than 20.000 hectares of regional crops, as affirmed by Antonio Cerdá, Counsellor of Water and Agriculture, last 28th April.

The "Murcia Clean Agriculture Programme", has counted on small scale experiences developed since 1997, and the support of the Vegetable Health Service of the Regional Council, for the defence of crop protection products on fruit and vegetables, citrus and vines. Cerdá added that, the new biological and bio-technical techniques against the main plagues, "Are already being applied on 33.500 hectares of regional crops, including new pilot experiments that have obtained international recognition in a short space of time and are now being imitated by other autonomous communities".

On fruit and vegetables we must underline the integral plan used in the control of different virosis and their transmitting vectors, mainly white fly on tomato. The tomato moth control programme, considered a world reference, where indicating traps were used on 3.200 hectares, massive trapping on 1.200 hectares and sexual confusion on 50 hectares. An integral biological control programme was also used on 1.100 hectares of capsicum destined for paprika, in the Guadalentín Valley, which enabled the continuation of this crop that was threatened by the Tomato Tan Virus.

2008 Campaign:

Surface area Hectares 
Investment Millions
Tomato 5.500 2.0
Capsicum 2.300 0.6
Round (Bola) capsicum 1.100 0.6
Citrus 5.500 0.9
Fruit trees 3.500 0.7
Vines 16.000 2.2
TOTAL 33.500 7.0