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Fruit and Vegetables, a key sector

Economic studies

The AREFLH is an exchanges and sharing place. It collects the technical and economic studies rcarried out by its members to give them to all.

The existing European studies are gathered in this section and draw up a panorama of this dynamic but very exposed sector.

Fruit and vegetables in Europe, it is 16% of the value of the european agricultural production

fruits_legumes_herbesIt is a sector of production that makes live very numerous family exploitations and an important and more and more specialized workforce.
It contribute actively to the life of the rural territories, to the beauty of the landscapes and are very positive factors for the harnessing of the carbon dioxide and the greenhouse gas.

Very dependent on climatic conditions in the production and in the consumption, subjected more than the others to the pressure of the globalized competition, they have to face periodic crises which weakened numerous production workshops.




Prognosfruit 2012  Previsions de récolte de Pomme et Poire

All the presentations of the conference which took place in Toulouse on August 3rd, 2012 are published on the Prognosfruit website in the section Archives 2012, the password is: Toulouse2012

Among the various presented studies to consult :
 pdfApple international market, trade and outlook By E. SCHWARTAU
 pdfPears international market, trade and outlook by E. SCHWARTAU  
 pdfThe Fruit Juice Perspectives By Jan HERMANS

Observatory of the price formation and of the food margins

Report to the Parliament published in June 2011 by FranceAgriMer 

Elements of results and analyzes by sector: Section 1 fresh fruit and vegetables, page 43 to 68.
pdfRead the report