Areas, harvested productions

Fruits (2012)

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pdf Citrus                                                                               Go to Flowers and Plants production
pdf  Banana
pdf  Cherry
pdf  Chestnut
pdf Strawberry
pdf Raspberry
pdf  Kiwi
pdf  Mandarin
pdf Walnut
pdf  Orange
pdf Watermelon
pdf  Peach Nectarine
pdf  Pear
pdf Apple
pdf Plum
pdf Grapes

Vegetables (2012)

pdf Garlic
pdf  Asparragus
pdf  Carrot
pdf  Cucumber
pdf  Melon
pdf Sweet peper Courgette Aubergine
pdf Potato
pdf Lettuce
pdf  Tomato


Flowers and Plants in Europe (2012)

See the Document "Live plants and products of floriculture sector in the EU" (Oct. 2012) with details on the EU Production, Land area, Number of holdings and  Trade: imports, exports and balance