Normandy (Haute et Basse) is rich of an agricultural sector and agri-food products of more than 95,000 direct jobs (7,3% of regional total employment against 6,3% with the national plan). This territory, with its varied and preserved landscapes, is devoted to 73% to the agricultural activity (54% at the national level) and its strong proportion of pastures is an undeniable environmental asset.

Vegetables in Normandy

A located and concentrated vegetable production

In 2009, in Normandy, 8,720 ha (including 70% in the Manche and 83% in Low Normandy) are devoted to the fresh vegetable culture (except potatoes), which accounts for 4% of French vegetable surface.

Normandy is far behind the principal producting regions which are Brittany, Aquitaine and the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

The Norman vegetable production is based in some areas, primarily on the littoral of the English Channel, in the Calvados, around the great urban areas, but also on an area going from the great periphery of Caen to the Nacre Coast.

The Manche, 1st Norman vegetable department, is at the 10th rank of the French departments for its vegetable surface.
In Normandy, 1,050 farms, of which the 3/4 in Basse-Normandie, have a fresh vegetable surface.
One of the main features of the Norman vegetable production is its high degree of organization. The Producers Organisations gather the offer and can ensure the marketing of the products, beside the transport companies.

A specialization around leading products:
Among the score of vegetable species cultivated in the area, carrots, leeks, various cabbages, pot turnips and lettuces constitute, in term of volumes, the pillars of the Norman farming. The Manche is leader in term of production for pot turnip, with 18% of national volume, and for leek with 16%.

In the biological sector, the organic vegetable sale per system of prepaid baskets develops around the urban areas.

A production of quality

Since the middle of the 1990’s, the producers of the Manche engaged in the agri-environmental measures, then becomin CTE then DAC. The market-gardeners of Lower Normandy, precursors of the approachs of certification on respectful practices of the environment, remain strongly implied in these environmental initiatives.


  • Red label: Carrots of sands and leeks of Amount Receivable
  • Certification of conformity produces for carrots, leeks and salad
  • Collective Brands: « Légumes Jardins fraicheur » and « Jardins de Normandie »

More information on the Basse-Normandie quality approach.


In the field of the vegetable experimentation, the profession has an experimental farm, the SILEBAN, established in the Valley of Saire (department 50). This agricultural development tools makes it possible to set up research programs and of experimentation on the vegetable and local horticultural productions


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